"Early detection of leprosy cases is key to elimination"
NLEP Newsletter Vol.2 Issue 5
Revised Operational Guildeline for LCDC

The NLEP Emblem symbolizes beauty and purity in lotus: Leprosy can be cured and a leprosy patient can be a useful member of the society in the form of a partially affected thumb; a normal fore-finger and the shape of house; the symbol of hope and optimism in a rising sun. The Emblem captures the spirit of hope positive action in the eradication of Leprosy.


Dr. Anil Kumar, Deputy Director General (Leprosy)

  Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leprosy

Memorandum of Understanding between Government of India and ILEP Members active in India from 16th August 2013 to 31st March 2017  

Extention of the scheme to utilize services from ASHA to cover anyone who bring or reports a new cases of leprosy.

Terms of reference (TOR) for consultant (Programme Monitoring)

As the uploading of TOR has been delayed due to administrative reasons. 15 days period will be continued from the date of uploading of TOR.

Training Calendar for 2018-19
Directory of Leprosy Expert in India
Advertisement on Anti Leprosy Day, 30th January 2016
International Gandhi Award
Deputy Director General (Lep.) Directorate General of Health Services, (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare)
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